We connect patients and health professionals through technologies that help keep the patient healthy, bringing comfort in their treatment and greater efficiency for the health system


Meet Magnus TX

With the development of electronic tools, it was observed that the kidney transplant process, with all its complexity, should take advantage of the latest in technology to provide safety, agility and ease for the patient.

Magnus TX was developed with these goals, a tool that has as its primary function develop kidney transplant program in Brazil by reducing barriers and disparities in access.

With our platform you can access all the clinical and non-clinical data of your patients through the internet. Another important feature is the mutual collaboration between the transplant center and the dialysis facilities through referral and patient feedback. This reduces human error, with greater protection, safety and cost-effectiveness through data consolidation.


Referring patients directly made by dialysis facilities

Emission of BPA and APAC by the platform with automatic filling

Prescription of medicines with LME emission and administration history

Full reports of all stages of pre-transplant process

Personalized clinical, cardiological, psychological and social protocols.

Clinical patient data available to all staff

Follow your patient with MagnusMonitor

Continued improvement in medical care is a challenge that the Magnus Monitor platform helps overcome. We connect and approach patients of health professionals. So we help patients to have a greater comfort during treatment, decreasing hospitalizations and readmissions, promoting cost reduction and greater efficiency for the treatment of chronic patients.

We offer remote monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, diabetes, weight and saturation. In addition to symptoms like pain, temperature, loss of appetite, nausea and many others.


The dream in bringing chronic kidney patients greater access to kidney transplantation united a physician, a patient and a management and IT staff. The Magnus Project was created for this purpose, a company that develops technologies focused on medical care with a focus on patients and reducing costs for the health system.

The first platform that came out of this dream was the Magnus TX. A transplant process management tool that connects patients, dialysis facilities and transplantation centers and has been helping to reduce barriers and disparities in access to kidney transplantation. We have already helped hundreds of patients receive the transplant, and thousands have gone through the pre-transplant evaluation process and queuing of transplant centers in various regions of Brazil.


European Society of Organ Transplantation

Full oral presentation at ESOT 2015

European Society of Organ Transplantation

Oral presentation at ESOT 2017

Amazon AWS - City on a Cloud

Finalist of a global competition

American Transplant Congress

Manning the Gap: Using Technology to Reduce Barriers in Access to Renal Transplantation Waiting List Across Dialysis Facilities


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